G2V Holdings is an international multi-disciplinary and cross-sectoral holding, that invests across a wide range of industries, continents and asset classes, including direct private equity, development, production, social projects, real estate, management, alternative energy, financial instruments and innovative startups.

From the very beginning, the development strategy of G2V Holdings is based on long-term investments, including marketable assets with high growth potential. To date, a priority trend is to invest in the most effective and profitable tools. The search of these is carried out through a system of continuous monitoring of the situation on the world markets. Holding welcomes the growth of economic cooperation within the framework of international cooperation; and proposes joint investment in potentially profitable projects, and the creation, expansion and management of the individual client’s investment portfolio.

On the account of G2V Holdings, there is a number of successfully implemented investment projects and a continually expanding portfolio. In its activities the holding company focuses on a competent and complete analysis of the profitability of projects and their effectivization in order to increase yield. The diversified holding company structure and matrix management system allow to implement successfully projects of any complexity and orientation.