G2V Holdings private equity activity is based on a strategy that emphasizes creativity and speed in evaluating and acting upon potential investments. The company is open to exploring unconventional opportunities and financial structures, and is known for working collegially with motivated and capable management teams.

Although primarily focused in Europe, G2V Holdings will also look at opportunities in emerging markets and Asia. While being industry agnostic and having a bias towards positive cash flow, G2V Holdings is willing to buy businesses through leveraged buyouts, public market securities, distressed situations and balance sheet restructurings.

G2V Holdings is much more than a typical holding company seeking to acquire assets. We are a team of visionaries, enthusiasts and operators. We have a value investor mentality with a long-term investment outlook. We focus on delivering sustainable value for all of our stakeholders by pursuing businesses that we believe are either undervalued or whose growth potential is significant and possibly underappreciated.

Opportunities we seek:

  • Globally diverse and uncorrelated sources of cash flow
  • Businesses that can act as platforms for accretive transactions
  • Opportunities with significant equity upside
  • Favorable corporate structure providing enhanced optionality
  • Strong market positions, leading brands and growing businesses
  • Strong liquidity and collateral coverage position
  • Experienced management team with proven track record